Fuel Wood

Supply your Central Boiler with quality wood from Mountain Fuel Wood

Our Wood

Spruce, Alpine-fir, douglas-fir, Aspen, lodgpole pine, ponderosa pine, cottonwood, elm, pinon, juniper-cedar, cherry,  and oak.

Our specialty mix is the spruce, fir, pine mix. This creates a diverse blend of softwoods, that provides optimal heat for your home, at a reasonable and affordable price.

Custom blends of hard and soft woods are available upon request.

Delivery & Stacking

Delivery charges vary depending on location and the quantity of wood to be delivered. All deliveries include properly measured stacks dumped on a location of your choice that is easily accessible via large delivery trucks.

Stacking is available for an additional fee depending on, location of the stack and quantity of wood to be stacked


Our wood is sold by the cord (128 Cubic ft.) or fraction of a cord.

Average Measurements:

1 CORD = A full size pickup truck with 2 ft. side boards

Standard Cord
Total Volume = 128 cubic feet

1/2 CORD = A standard pickup truck, 8 ft. bed, stacked bed-level

1/3 CORD = Medium size truck with 6 ft. bed, stacked bed-level, such as Tacoma or Dodge Dakota


Face Cord Total Volume = 32 to 48 cubic feet

1/4 CORD = Small size truck stacked bed-level, such as Ford Ranger, Toyota pickup

  • We offer various wood fuel and forest products
  • We cut the wood 15"-16" in length and split approximately 4"x4" in size
  • Custom cut lengths and custom split sizes are available on request
  • We season all fuelwood before sale to insure the maximum btu
  • All fuelwood is sold by the "cord" or fractions of a "cord"
  • Processing by- products include sawdust, a ground/chipped ground cover, mulch or animal bedding
  • Forest products include posts, poles, gate entrance posts, and saw logs
  • Our wood fuels include engleman spruce, alpine fir, douglas fir, pondersa pine, lodgepole pine, aspen, cottonwood, pinon, and juniper. Call, text, or email for current inventory and availability
  • We use a Blockbuster fuelwood processor to process the fuelwood we sell. The automated processor insures that we produce a more consistent and uniform product.
  • The bulk of our fuelwood sales are in the Roaring Fork, Grand and Uncompahgre valleys
  • We offer 3/4 cu. ft. bundled wood for your convenience.
  • We currently supply four 7/11 stores with bundled wood in the Roaring Fork Valley
  • We offer logging/thinning and tree removal services
  • We offer a wood delivery service also